About Us

Victory Colors Studios 

 We are a brand new miniatures painting service dedicated to providing high quality painted miniatures at competitive prices. 

Customer Service  We pride ourselves in our responsive, honest and fair dealings with our clients, and are attentive to the special requirements of a the discerning customer.

Beauty     As artists, we understand those special touches that can make your figures stand out beautifully on the tabletop.  It takes an understanding of  design, art, and color principles to take that step from good miniatures to exceptional miniatures.

Innovation   We are continually implementing new ideas to improve our processes, upgrade our service quality, and hone in on efficient practices. We are also continually educating ourselves in all principles and aspects of art and design.

Accuracy  We take the time to determine the right scheme for the appropriate historical figures, and determine the appropriate colors for the best possible appearance on the tabletop or your display case.  We also work closely with our clients for any desired special requirements or specific touches they may desire.


Our founder has been gaming and painting miniatures for over 20 years, as is a trained designer and Registered Architect.  His passion for beautifully painted miniatures and comprehension of artistic values make Victory Colors Studios a truly outstanding service.


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