Meet Hannibal Machtenblitz!!

Another great paint job from Victory Colors Studios!

Hannibal Machtenblitz miniature from Black Orc Games!

Check them out at !!

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Our First Contest Announced on This Week in Wargaming!!

THis Week in Wargaming

Just announced on the latest episode of This Week in Wargaming (AT-13) – our first contest!!

This is a ‘worst painted miniature’ contest wherein the poorest appearing efforts, and therefore, the constestant most in need of our services, will win $100.00 worth of our exceptional miniature painting services.

Please head on over to the This Week in Wargaming website and have a listen to the latest podcast for more details!

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Work In Progress: July 16, 2010 28mm Celts

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July 16, 2010:

This is a small unit of Celts we are working on for a client.  It is comprised of a combination of Old Glory 25’s and Warlord Miniatures plastic Celts.  They really combine well to appear to be a cohesive unit once painted and based.

These figures show our typical basing style, disguising the actual figures base from the ‘dimensional’ base with sculpted putty.  When complete, the bases will be painted.  Painted bases never shed flocking into your display cases, storage containers, or onto your games table.

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Welcome to Victory Colors Studios !!

Welcome to the grand launching of the Victory Colors Studios website.  We offer a high quality miniatures painting service and cannot wait to get started on your new project! 

Please take a look around and visit our gallery for examples of our past work.  If you like what you see and would like to retain our services, send us an email at

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